We had volunteers from The Baird Group out three times last week to ride bikes with our Citizens Bikers. Today we received news that The Baird Wealth Management Group has signed up 5 bikers to join our “Brookwood Interdependence Team”. Each Baird biker will raise money for our team, a minimum of $500 each.

Again, this is happening on Saturday, September 28th. Our 10 citizens, with Captains Scott Matson, and Greg and Grant Glauser, will be riding 25 miles to Galveston. We would love to have lots of riders join us for Bike to the Beach and ride alongside Vicki H., Kim M., Carrie B., Vicki S., Susan B., Buddy C., Patrick B., Josh B., Thomas, and Andrew.

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We hope that you can join our riding team for this amazing opportunity. Feel free to get to know the Brookwood Interdependence Team.